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Why Subscribe to The Vocabulary Ninja Dojo?

Since early 2017, Vocabulary Ninja has grown to become an essential source of classroom resources to teachers from around the world. Supporting vocabulary, reading, spelling, punctuation, grammar and much, much more! Put simply, a Vocabulary Ninja Dojo subscriptions gives you unlimited access to all of Vocabulary Ninja’s amazing resources. No need to purchase everything individually, just click and download the resources you require. 

The Single User licence gives you individual access to Vocabulary Ninja’s resources, whilst a School / Multiple User licence gives a tiered licence cost depending on the size of your school and approximate number of staff users. 

Vocabulary Ninja has an enormous library of resources which is growing every day, to support effective classroom practice, reduce workload and give teachers peace of mind with the knowledge that these high-quality resources are only a click away. Download your old favourites such as Topic Vocabulary Packs or SPaG Spotter from the SATs Centre, or delve into some fabulous new resources like the Vocabu-Library and Picture Processor.  

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Words can Unlock the Doors to a World of Understanding

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